About us

Janga World Productions is a music production label, recording hit making music along with jaw dropping visuals, for major and independent artists, labels and brands. Our recording studio, located in Tallahassee, FL, is the hub where our engineers and media team develop our signature creative process to set music trends and visual standards globally. As music industry vets, we provide a direct approach to recording using professional audio tools and equipment to . Known for our all inclusive recording packages, Janga World Productions studio prides itself in being a studio where artists can just be artists.




Our mission is to produce “hit-making music” along with jaw-dropping visuals that keep up with the latest trends but does not lose substance or value in the eyes and ears of music connoisseurs like ourselves.  

The goal of Janga Word Productions is to get to the next level of music production. We see ourselves making music compositions for full-length movies and being the production team behind the next great up and coming artist.  We’re confident that we have the skill, tenacity, and creative brainpower to create a new genre of music, hence the name “Janga”. Janga is described as collectively celebrating your differences.


After working with JWP,  our clients leave having learned something about either the recording and production process as well as performance, distribution booking and show information.