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 recording studio services, artist development, photography and graphic design

Janga World Productions is a music production label, recording hit making music along with jaw dropping visuals, for major and independent artists, labels and brands. Our recording studio, located in Tallahassee, FL, is the hub where our engineers and media team develop our signature creative process to set music trends and visual standards globally. As music industry vets, we provide a direct approach to recording using professional audio tools and equipment to . Known for our all inclusive recording packages, Janga World Productions studio prides itself in being a studio where artists can just be artists.

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- Graphic design

- Song Writing Package

- Studio Services

- Hit Making Package

- Photography

- Recording Package

- Publishing Services

- Artist Developing

- Mix and Master Deal

Head Producer | Co Founder | Artist

General Manager | Co Founder  

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Time is Money! With over 15 years of music recording, mixing and mastering, artists across all genres come to Janga World Productions to record with efficient professionals who make quality music ready for distribution. Whether you are a new or seasoned artist, our team offers studio service packages for your every music need.