Frequently asked questions

How much is a recording session?

Recording is $40 an hour. There is a two hour minimum on ALL recording sessions with the only exception being at the request of the producer.

Can I book an hour of recording time?

No. Our producers will not be rushed into giving you an unprofessional product. All recording sessions are required that the artist and producer be present for two full hours so that no details are left overlooked.

Can you mix something that I recorded at another studio?

Yes, however the tracked out session files are needed for the producer to put a professional mix on the song. An additional fee is added to a piece of work not recorded in Janga World Studios due to our standard of quality.

Can you master something that I recorded at another studio?

Yes in most cases, if you have the tracked out session files. Any things not recorded at Janga World Studio carries and additional fee.

What is the difference between a mix and a master?

A mix in the concept of “chopping up” a song adding things included but not limited to effects, drops, and auto tuning. Mixing a song can be imagined as mixing a bowl of cookie dough, during a mixing process the piece of work becomes equalized meaning that the voice and instrumental come together as one easy listening tune ready to “be baked in the oven” A master is, “the baking in the over”, it puts the finishing polish on the piece of work. Mastering includes referencing a songs quality on seven different devices to be sure that the high pitches and low pitches of the song are the same throughout the entire piece of work. Mastering can take hours to weeks depending on the complexity on the piece of work.

Does my song need a master?

Remember when we referenced cookie dough? Sometimes you can eat cookie dough without putting it in the over, but if you put eggs in your cookie dough, you really shouldn’t eat it until it’s been baked. For a piece of work that includes singing or will hit the market as a high quality song (to be sold, on a album, or put on media outlets), we suggest you get it mastered. If you are just looking to put out content at a very fast pace, or creating a piece of work for something you don’t see longevity in a mix will suffice.

Can you download my song off the Internet?

No. All music needs to be brought on an external drive or emailed to 24 hours before the session.

Do you do graphics for cover art, albums or logos?

No, we create info graphics for promotional purposes only on Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter and Snap Chat. For all detailed graphic work we will refer you to a trustworthy business.

Do you use ProTools?

Yes we use ProTools 12HD. We are also familiar with all older versions of ProTools.

Do you accept any payment other than PayPal?

Yes, however PayPal is preferred. We also accept cash and cash app.

Once I purchase a beat will it be removed from the site?

Only if you purchase exclusive rights. Any other leases will remain on the site and will still be owned by Janga World Productions.

What happens if I buy a lease and someone purchases exclusive rights? Will I still be able to use it?

Absolutely, by purchasing a lease you automatically receive a digital contract that grants you rights to continue use of the beat as long as the contractual agreement are not voided however you will not be able to upgrade your license.

What are track outs?

It means that ever sound of the beat (drums, snares, high hats, instruments, samples, vocals, etc…) will be separated in high quality WAV audio files also known as STEMS. This is extremely beneficial because now your audio engineer will have more control over the editing , mix and master process of the beat for the best sound possible.

How do I send a pro tools session?

1. Open the session to be mixed in pro tools. Make sure all the audio files are there. 2. Click Save Copy In, (Click All Audio Files) and save to desktop. 3. Right Click Folder and compress it. 4. Email the session through or any large file sharing provider to

What is a stem?

Stem is an individual audio file from your recoding session in your DAW (recording program) Your session usually has multiple tracks, consisting of vocals and instruments, when each one of these tracks are exported individually it is called a stem.

How do I send a send a session that's not recorded in pro tools?

Send the stems with out any effects in wav format. Send all files properly named in one folder and email folder through or any large sharing provider to

How long does it take to get a song mixed?

3-5 Days

How do revisions work?

Revisions are changes or edits you would like made to your mix or recording session audio files once they have been sent to you.
The revisions phase is designed for minor adjustments to what was mentioned in the original mixing or recording form.Turn around for revisions are 3 days (Though are sometimes delivered sooner depending on the studio schedule) Below are the details of what IS and IS NOT included in your allowed revisions: What is covered

  • Adjustments to instructions mentioned on the mixing form, that perhaps aren’t exactly how you envisioned them.
  • You’d like the volume of an instrument and/or vocal adjusted.
  • You’d like effects adjusted (i.e. more reverb, less delay)
What is NOT covered.
  • Does not include adding any new instruction that was not mentioned in the original Mixing Form
  • Does not include arrangement changes: Things like creating drops, stop effects and mutes.
  • New file submissions are not included (Vocal files or instrument files) You have up to 5 days from the time we send your mix to request any free revisions.
After each revision, you have 2 days to request another free revision. after the said days, you project is considered complete and you can no longer have the option to use any remaining free revisions. If you want a revision after your project has been completed you will need to order a new revision at the pricing provided on the services page. Once you approve your main mix, there is no longer an option to have anything changed in the mix (without incurring additional fees) even if you haven't used up all your revisions)